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The Buck Memorial Home Page

World Team praying over Buck and his life, shortly before he died.
This site is dedicated to the memories and love of our recently deceased brother in Christ, Scot "Buck" McCallum.  Buck died in a sledding accident near Rostov, Russia on February 5, 2003.

He died surrounded by the people he loved.


Great Web Links About Buck:

Memories: Poems, Music and Eulogies

bullet Family Pictures from Russia: show Buck's last activities and great enjoyments.
bullet Columbus Dispatch article about his death.
bulletRussian Press Release about Buck's death in Russian. The English translation is also available.

A collection of some terrific poems, songs, quotes, and eulogies given over Buck's life.

Photo Album: a collection of pictures

More to Come...

Pictures scanned throughout the years, from the early years, through the teenage years, married life, and into his Russian years. Includes some rare pictures, and also some movie footage.


If you have anything about Buck's life you would like to share - especially interesting old photos, other good Web links, etc. - please contact Keith McCallum at

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