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[SND]Abner's Return to Hebron.mp32013-05-15 16:17 3.3M
[SND]Abigail's Advice to David.mp32013-05-15 16:08 14M
[SND]David's Mistake in Numbering Israel.mp32013-05-15 07:32 1.2M
[SND]David's Location for the House of th.mp32013-05-15 07:30 14M
[SND]David's Plan for the Temple.mp32013-05-15 07:17 14M
[SND]David's Charge to Solomon.mp32013-05-15 07:03 14M
[SND]David's Advice to Solomon.mp32013-05-15 06:49 14M
[SND]David's Song of Deliverance.mp32013-05-15 06:34 14M
[SND]David's Desire to Seek the Lord.mp32013-05-15 06:20 14M
[SND]David as He Avenges the Gibionites.mp32013-05-15 06:06 14M
[SND]David's Actions in Praise For God's.mp32013-05-15 05:51 14M
[SND]David's Return to Jerusalem.mp32013-05-15 05:37 14M
[SND]David's Attempt to Cover His Sin.mp32013-05-15 05:26 14M
[SND]David Setting Out To Destroy the Pur.mp32013-05-15 05:12 14M
[SND]David Gaining Strength and Encourage.mp32013-05-15 04:59 14M
[SND]David Lamenting Over the Death of Sa.mp32013-05-15 04:50 14M
[SND]David's Encounter With Goliath.mp32013-05-15 04:39 14M